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Spirituality today (work & kiddos)

Spirituality can really light up some people’s debate side! Especially when we talk about it in the work or school sense. It does happen to be one of the known factors that help keep adults and youth grounded to others and feeling connected rather than isolated.

So how do we look at spirituality in a light that does not isolate or offend people who see differently than we do? The philosopher Socrates taught his students how to develop their own conclusions on some matters that were less tangible as he could not teach what he didn’t accept himself, so in allowing his students to develop their own conclusions, they were freely thinking and in turn, helping to develop further thoughts on his own conclusions. This is what we hope to see our employees and team members doing in an ideal situation, no matter the topic, however we typically lack the facilitation skills to allow this to come to fruition in most cases.

Spirituality is anything that lifts your spirit or makes you feel connected to something bigger than yourself. Also known as mindfulness, meditation, prayer, gratitude, even rituals. Where is a place you feel spiritual? What lifts your spirit? Do you have a gratitude journal practice? Studies show that gratitude or thankfulness changes the chemical makeup of our brains. Joining in a 21-day gratitude practice with our family, peers, or teams can make an actual change in our bodily makeup. For students, studies show that test scores improve when the first question on the test is to list something they are grateful for or thankful for. The reasoning behind which because you cannot be anxious and thankful at the same time. Our brains cannot process both simultaneously. So, can you challenge the thought that all parts of the spectrum of life are equally spiritual?