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Women In Business 2022
Female Business Owners Interview Series

28 Days of Wellness

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Join us on Instagram from Nov. 26 to Dec 24, 2021 to be accountable for healthy habits during the holiday season! Motivations and Prizes from our collaborating partners! Follow us @KatFreyandtheOxygenCoaches for all the details to qualify for free gifts!

Final mashups can be found here:


A series on exercising the skills needed to better enforce the boundaries we desire professionally and personally!


We will be celebrating October as Women in Business Month with a series of Women-led/ owned businesses on our YouTube Channel and Podcasts. We have interviewed their teams on what makes a female-led team unique and how they pivoted through a difficult 2 years. Check back weekly in October!

Week 1: 

Catch a new podcast with our guest, Rob Floyd! This female-led organization and dynamic husband and wife team are doing things with a BOLD perspective... We got to talk about ALL THE THINGS! Not just cocktails and spirits but raising the next generation of workers, being a rescue dog parent, giving back to the community, and more! Fill up your soul and get a little motivation from this listen! (Don't forget you can catch the video version on our YouTube @OxygenEq channel as well! 


Week 2: 

Sit in on a conversation with my friend and confidant, Dr Natalie while we talk about all the things that women struggle with today.... fighting through showing up authentically, encouraging others to hold space, raising young boys/ being a boy mom, just some of the things that women think about throughout their days while spinning the plates that keep life moving forward! (Don't forget you can catch the video version on our YouTube @OxygenEq channel as well! 


Week 3: 

Week 3 of our Women in Business Series and you can catch a sneak peek into my conversation with Jillian Michael's! Hear her perspective on bypassing failure, showing up, and why it's important to be given a job or position BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME and capable, not because you are entitled to it. Jillian has some beautiful horses in her life and we talk about how her horses make her feel and help her in business also! (Don't forget you can catch the video version on our YouTube @OxygenEq channel as well! 


Week 4: 

Week 4 of our Women in Business series! Listen in on this amazing MaShUp of a team's interview and the interview of their fearless female leader. Get some great ideas to implement in your business TODAY! A huge thank you to the BITS team for taking the time out of their day to honor Tina and the hard work she does in their organization and the community! 



We have a new division where we will fund your real estate deal or bring me an introduction to a deal and on a case-by-case basis, you will get a referral fee. Send your contact info to or set up a time to discuss at 

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