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One App,
Many Uses

B.L.I.S.S.™ © is an online calculator to help you discover the optimal rate of pay (for you and your employee) to get your employees to:

-Want to work

-Get the optimal production from their role

-Exceed the cost invested to hire them

Other functions include:
-Accurately calculating hiring costs

-Identifying how and where to LOWER hiring costs

*Available for hourly, salary, and salary plus commission roles.

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Simple Plans

Use the app one time or as many times as you would like! Plans start for as little as $115 per use.

Personalized Content

Each role and position in your organization is unique. The calculator takes into consideration your organization and your costs. The visual representation at the reporting phase allows you to see exactly how to adjust to get the results you desire. The coaching team at Oxygen is available to help you read your results and consult as well! All results are available within 24 hours if not sooner. 

Community Support

Are you a contracted training client with Oxygen Coaching? BLISS is included in your contract! Ask your trainer for your log-ins or inquire about a training contract today!

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