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About Us


Oxygen Coaching Group got its start as a behavior training center for business individuals. Paired with horses, our clients learned key behaviors that were hindering their negotiations and day to day business practices based on how the horses reacted. We have since then adopted our training models to a more inclusive model for an entire organization from executive teams to sales teams and even screening and placement for an entire organization. 

While there are lots of options for training today, our model of ongoing reinforcement and our decades of experience in ownership allows us to help you see your business from an unemotional point of view and help you see success you only dream of today. 

Our experts are the finest

Meet Our Team:

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Kat Frey

Kat Frey is the owner and founder of Oxygen Coaching Group. What started as Oxygen Equestrian, her brainchild of helping business professionals learn more about their body language and relationship styles through hands-on work with horses has turned into an elite training and coaching company where her experience in the intermodal transportation industry, industrial manufacturing industry, and wireless communication industry allows owners, managers, and business professions to learn more about how their actions affect every part of their results and how they contribute to their lives.


OCG has built programs such as the Tie Game Theory, Conflict to Growth, and the online calculator to determine the optimal rate of pay, B.L.I.S.S. ©™


Brought up in a family-owned business, the best lesson Kat learned was to stretch and risk which led to being co-owner in multiple companies of her own before developing OCG. This diverse background helps business owners and their teams see outside the box when looking to take their business and personal relationships to the next level.


Kat is an advocate of the American Lung Association, a frequent volunteer with the young people in her community through programs like Sources of Strength, Girls on the Run, Just Keep Living Foundation, and High School Swim and Dive at her Alma Mater. She is a Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt. She has post-secondary education in engineering, human resources, manufacturing engineering, and project management along with CAD/CAM.


Her passions include raising her two teenage children, reining horses, rescuing Great Danes, gardening, and running.


Kat’s daily goal is to take on life’s experiences, good and bad, and all that they teach you.

Visit Kat's speaking page here:

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Rose Vinci

Rose Vinci is an author, coach, and speaker. She is a loving wife and mother with a deep-rooted faith. Having coached more than 600 men, and women, young and old, and living in many places in the world, Rose brings a diversity of experiences to her coaching. She's done everything from being an avid kiteboarder to speaking at renowned medical conferences.


Rose founded her company, Claritas Collective as a space in which to provide her courageous clients with a fully customized, life-defining coaching experience. With Rose’s guidance, her clients realize their vulnerabilities and reach their goals by finding clarity and new perspectives about themselves, others, their life, their work, their faith, and the world. Rose believes this is how we all live an extraordinary life and happily live in our truth every day.


Rose finds connections with her clients through alike accomplishments and adversities. After overcoming devastating tragedies like the loss of her daughter, Glory, she has uncovered systems that help people fully live.


Rose has 20 years of experience as a Life and Business Coach and serves as a leader for several community organizations.  Her mantra is “the essence of life is to share love.” You can view all of her services on her website at or join her community at


Tom Thompson

Tom is a coach, trainer, and speaker who draws from his deep-rooted beginnings in blue-collar labor and management in a variety of trades. Tom has worked in union and non-union settings as a rank-and-file employee and as a leader. He utilizes these experiences when training and engaging a variety of people at all levels. This early, hands-on experience is the driving force behind his passion for teaching and coach and why he returned to school to earn his bachelor’s degree. Once graduated, he developed his own organizational training and development modules that he has taught in classroom settings and has customized based on the client’s specific needs. At the core of his training and coaching philosophy is organizational, individual, and cultural communication and behavior. These are key indicators to identify when determining ways of improving culture, engagement, turnover, and productivity across all departments.

One of the bonuses that Tom draws from his late-in-life college experience is the knowledge gained by being able to work with students who were in, or would soon be entering, the workforce. These students now make up a majority of our employees and are a key part of every organization. Tom spent time collaborating with many students, being naturally curious about what was motivating them.

Tom also works with executives and middle management to develop their experienced and newly promoted front-line supervisors in areas of communication, interviewing, leadership, and all-important conflict resolution. With so many generations in our workforce today, these skills are invaluable and the TELLAR communication model he developed is an essential tool in every leader’s toolbox.

Tom continues to stay active with the trades in the areas of home remodeling and woodworking. He and his wife Dawn have been married for 23 years and have three grown children. Together they enjoy staying fit and adventure traveling that includes hiking, biking, and kayaking. Tom has also completed several marathons, half marathons, and 70.3-mile triathlons. He and his wife also look for every opportunity to spend time with their two grandchildren.

What our customers say:

"Thank you, Kat! This class is making me reflect a lot! It will help me, not only with my non-profit, but at home also!"

-LN, President

"Thank you for sharing your time, energy, and expertise in class this morning! It is valuable and I appreciate you.... It's always special to connect and learn from new people." ES, Owner

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