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Meeting In A Box

Oxygen's premiere subscription-based service allows you to turn every staff meeting and sales meeting into a productive powerhouse of collaboration and useful information! No more creepy memes of "I survived another meeting that could have been an email" or exasperated eye rolls when you ask a member of your staff if they would rather go to a meeting you host or the movies!

Meeting in a Box allows teams of any kind: remote workers to in-house staff, to hybrid; single entrepreneurs seeking community and accountability to thousand-person organizations to find CONSISTENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, TRAINING, ENGAGEMENT, & PRODUCTIVITY!

Bringing in facilitators to your quarterly or monthly meetings can be cumbersome and expensive! Meeting in a Box allows you to bring the training to your team on your time schedule and put the training in your manager's hands!


How do we get started?

Meeting in a Box has a few options so here's what you decide:

-How many meeting participants will you have?

-Remote workers or in-person participants?

-Quarterly or Monthly Meetings?

Purchase your in-person meetings here (quarterly or monthly):

If you have remote workers or a hybrid of in-person and remote workers please follow the below directions:

Send your answers to these 3 questions to and we will get you started!

Live Training or Pre-Recorded

Join the LIVE training each month or quarter with other MIB subscribers OR use the saved recording for when you host your meeting! Save yourself the time and energy of meeting planning, we've done it for you!

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