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Are you a coach? Welcome to the EXCLUSIVE...

Coaching Coaches

Programming at Oxygen!

2023 Coaches Roundtable dates
Feb 16, 1 pm EST

May 4, 1 pm EST
Sept 14, 2 pm EST
Nov 9, 2 pm EST

Who Are We

Hack Our Coaching System!

Being great at your craft is one thing... being able to get your coaching certifications is one thing... being a good coach is another. WELCOME TO OUR COACHING COACHES PROGRAM! Our model has served businesses and coaches alike, now we help COACHES be better! Our 8-week BOOTCAMP and online community of exclusive to coaches, content, collaboration, and concepts will help you run a coaching business that is scalable, impactful, and profitable!

Being a good coach doesn't come from being the best in your business. It comes from knowing how to coach another person.

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Virtual Bootcamp $1,150.00 for 8 weeks; Once completed you will be granted access to the online community of coaches for $25/month, no contract. Continue for as long as you would like. (Discounts available for annual pricing.)

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Coaches need a community too! This call discusses topics that coaches face, allows for celebrations and suggestions. Join the community for coaches that celebrate each other and show in a way only coaches can!

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