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Got Training?

Help your team and your management see the same vision with our trademarked tools and proven 1-on-1 support coaching.

We help companies grow even when times are tough!

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Kat Frey is the Founder and President of Oxygen Coaching Group. She and her team lead organizations to exponential growth every year!

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What our customers say:

"Thank you, Kat! This class is making me reflect a lot! It will help me, not only with my non-profit, but at home also!"

-LN, President

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"Thank you for sharing your time, energy, and expertise in class this morning! It is valuable and I appreciate you.... It's always special to connect and learn from new people." ES, Owner

"Kat is smart, strong, skilled, helpful, patient, and genuinely concerned about her client's success. She made herself available to help with not only sales coaching and training but also making connections and referring business outside of the classroom. Kat is dynamic and energetic. Her energy and drive combined with acute business acumen and ability to solve problems quickly make her a great Coach and Trainer!" -JH, Banking Industry

"I wanted to say thank you for signing me up for the leadership training with Kat. Although I still struggle some, there are some really good things that stuck with me." Project Manager, construction vertical

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