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Just breathe

You hear the team at Oxygen say often, "take a little time to breathe life in today". When we work with new clients or someone unfamiliar with this theory it isn't uncommon for their reaction to be somewhat crass or abrupt in response. "I am breathing" or "We all have to breathe to be here" are very truthful statements however there is clarity in our breath. It gives us time to think before we speak, it gives us time to take a breath and calm down, it gives a minute to realize the moment we are in maybe isn't as bad as we think it is or could be, it gives us a chance to be thankful for what we have, more importantly, it gives us a chance to maybe see something that we were missing on the original pass through. Maybe we missed something as simple as the smell in the air or the team falling from the other person's eye. Maybe we missed the fact that we were holding our breath or the other person watching us that is a small child.