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At Oxygen Coaching Group, we believe that a positive and engaging workplace culture is the foundation for a successful business. With our expertise in organizational development, we help companies navigate through any stage of change and ensure that their workplace culture remains relevant, realistic, and classic.

Our team of experienced coaches and consultants work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and develop customized solutions that exceed their expectations.

Our most popular bookings:

2024 Oxygen Podcast
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Working with Oxygen Coaching:

How we help:

- Managing executive conflict – fostering team work

- Growth training for management staff

- Sales training on how to sell MORE… CONSISTENTLY 

- Hiring the right people and keeping them! Hiring and retention is huge especially when seeking skilled tradespeople.

- Creating a desirable and measurable culture that helps retain happy employees!

- Become a premium employer that attracts highly skilled tradesman – we can help you get there

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