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An open letter to my female tribe

I have been given the opportunity to speak to women in so many platforms but here in my own community seemed the most fitting. Throughout Women In Business month, which we celebrate every year here at Oxygen, I have never heard so many women tell me “I’m not a woman in business,” while I know they go to work every day or I support their side hustle on social media sites while they are fierce mamas as well. “Yes! Yes you are!” You are a force in how you show up and I am here to celebrate you in your hard work. It isn’t supposed to look like how everyone else does their work. It’s supposed to look like YOUR work.

If I have to put a common message out into the world to the women I know, the women I don’t know yet, and the young females coming behind us, it’s have grace.

First and foremost grace for yourself, this road you are on is not usually easy and we can be our own worst critic.

Grace for the other. I don’t think there is EVER a situation you will look back at and think “I had too much grace.” I know I have plenty that I should have had taken a breath and given more grace than I did but I never look back and think I gave too much. I have learned this only recently, to be fair…. My sharp tongue and tight negotiation skills come out quickly however, just because I CAN win in the moment doesn’t mean I do. My inner sanity is way more important than the other people who attempt to disrupt my environment.

For those coming behind us…. I love the concept that “history will repeat itself”. I don’t love the idea of it in all instances however. The women who came before us were badasses….. I hope we emulate that for those coming behind us as well. Both for younger women and the men that need to see our strength 💪. People who are further down a path than you won’t ever judge your path because they know the work that lies ahead of you, so blaze your trail, and allow those coming behind you to have someone to follow!

While the statement is so true “you have no idea what someone is going through so be kind”, even one step further I will always believe is to make a table where anyone can sit and be a part of a community. Be a part of communities where others who are different than you are welcome.

Being a part of a community is SO important , if you have the opportunity to BUILD a community of any kind, it is SO important. Even if it’s small, it’s better than isolation for the people you gather and THAT is a level of grace that many don’t believe they possess.

While affirmations and life hacks are available at every corner, extreme life styles and social media filters make everyone question their own ability to measure 📏 up….. enjoy you. Learn to be ok 👌 with you, whatever that is. Take care of you. Not like others care for themselves, like you need to care for you. You are smarter than you give yourself credit for. I don’t say this because I always believe it for myself, but I DO recognize when my self talk strays too far 🚩from this and I need more fresh air, more water and less caffeine, more rest and less screen time.

Put out in the world more of what you need and see how quickly it comes back to you. If you need a hug, try giving them to others. If you need someone to simply smile at you, smile 😃 at a stranger. It’s an amazing boomerang 🪃 affect. For many of us, the “work” part of our lives and the “home” part of our lives coming crashing together in a strange grayish ◽️area in March of 2020 and we are still sorting out who and what we are with that one greyish ◽️world. Let the person be ok 👌 and take care of her.

It’s hard to do something different and be something new. It’s what we did by creating the community at Oxygen but there was a need and we welcome you to be a part of this journey. There are hundreds of people here to meet and talk to. Sit in community within multiple capacities. If you come for the horse and dog pics and stay for the female empowerment or come for the sales tips and stay for my corney memes, enjoy the company and put into the community what you need back.

Just remember to breathe it all in as it comes…… I am humbled to witnesses your journey! Breathe life in as it comes!

Happy Women In Business Month 2022!


Kat Frey, Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach is the owner and founder of Oxygen Coaching Group and The Thalassa Group. What started as Oxygen Equestrian, her brainchild of helping business professionals learn more about their body language and relationship styles through hands-on work with horses has turned into an elite training and coaching company where her experience in the intermodal transportation industry, industrial manufacturing industry, and wireless communication industry allows owners, managers, and business professions to learn more about how their actions affect every part of their results and how they contribute to their lives.

OCG has built programs such as the Tie Game Theory, Conflict to Growth, and the online calculator to determine the optimal rate of pay, B.L.I.S.S. ©™


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