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Find Inspiration At Work #CreateMeaning

The generational change in the workforce that is taking place is very evident. Enter a global pandemic and all the harder it is for employers to keep key employees and for employees to stay with a single employer for extended periods of time. So many factors make it difficult to stay with an employer however sometimes it is right to maintain employment, even when everyone else seems to be changing. Like my mom used to say "if everyone else was doing something stupid, would you have to do it too?" haha thank goodness I grew up when there was NOT social media! Changing jobs right now isn't stupid but staying isn't the worst idea either. If you have made it through the pivot and rollercoaster of the last 18 months and feel confident in the financial stability of the company you work for, by all means, let's ask a few key questions that help you decide if you should truly stay or if it's time to go.