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The pieces of the wheel strive to give you areas of connection….. places to look at your life/ journey to see what are your strengths and where are You look to strengthen some connections in a certain area to be the most stable.

Ever heard of the milk stool? We talk about the milk stool in business because 3 legs on a stool keep you from tipping over easily….. 3 profit streams, 3 offerings, 3 levels of discovery…… (learn more at our Power of 3! Workshop coming up on the 14th!

What are the 3 strengths that keep you from tipping over? What areas need strength? Tell us your thoughts! Talk to your coach during your coaching session this week! Talk to the young people in your life and ask what their 3 strengths are and what items they need a better connection with!

Talk to your teams, your partners, the important people in your life.... breed connection.


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