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A recent study by the employment website Indeed found that 52% of workers feel burned out, with 67% blaming COVID-19 for their stress. A 2020 Gallup poll found that fully remote workers now experience more burnout than on-site workers.

If your company isn't taking steps to acknowledge and work with your employees through their own process like this, WE WILL HELP but YOU HAVE TO REACH OUT!

If you are working on some of these items with your weekly coaching calls, remember you are not alone in this process! Great work in showing up! -Move -Eat well -Breathe deeply -Find what makes you happy -Shut off your notifications -SLEEP

How can we help YOU and your organization to BEAT THE BURNOUT?! Watch this great video (attached below) that was featured on the Today Show this week! #coaching#breathlifein#oxygeneq#oxygencoachinggroup


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