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Four or Six Week classes are offered throughout levels of your organization to help influence change where you need it most. These classes become the underpinnings of a great organization. Each class is supported by our online community and one on one accountability coaching during the class with options for on-demand coaching and monthly team coaching as you and your company need it.

In-person or virtual options are available (Private or public classes unless noted.)


Each organization is different so your corporate contract is customized based on your needs. Email us at to inquire about a contract for your team! Non-contract pricing available.

 More training available on our YouTube Channel @OxygenEq

What CAN training look like?

Every company's training needs are different but we start with this layout and offer you the flexibility to train in a way that works for the current needs of your team and organization. Call for your 30 min consult to determine how we can best help you! 440-371-6029 ext 106 to schedule.


Training Programs

Accountability Coaching

Workshops & B.L.I.S.S.

Get a Free Quote

 To get the pricing for your team on the training above, please submit your request below so we can accurately quote for the size and location of your team members or call our offices direct at 440-371-6029!

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