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2022 Mastermind

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

Post-pandemic, we all know the skills that are needed to keep our businesses running.  However, what about your employees? 

It has changed us; it's made us more resilient but also caused shifts in how people do business with each other as well as themselves. 

When you join us for our 2-day Mastermind Event on May 10-11 at Lorain County Community College, you will be able to plan the rest of your year with a better understanding of how to compensate, motivate, and retain employees in this new normal.  
You'll learn more about why they behave as they do so that you can motivate and influence them.  

Day 1: Managers, Owners, Sales 
Day 2: Hospitality Industry Specific

At the end of the mastermind, you'll walk away having learned the key behaviors that were hindering your company's progress and how to see your business from an unemotional perspective and be on the road to success you only dream of today.

Click here for more details, spots filling FAST:


Kat Frey
Mario Houston

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Rob Floyd

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Event Trainers:

Guest Speakers:
Jess Zuik                                                                  Rose Vinci

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